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(those outlined below are for a day with just Dave and Pat.  Specific workshops on individual instruments (i.e drums, bass, guitar etc. can also be arranged for band development days)

Being Creative in our worship
Should our worship expressions be more creative, original and unique to who we are in our local situation?  Can we facilitate a richer experience of worship from the body of Christ? Led by Dave and Pat Bilbrough and accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike, this workshop examines the changing landscape of worship styles, as well as offering practical opportunities for a hands-on interactive session.  Come prepared to be stretched…to have fun… and to worship!  

Drawing on his experiences, Dave Bilbrough introduces the art of songwriting giving tips on how to make that new worship song flow and making the rhythm and melody hinge together.   He will expound on how to mastering the song forms and the finer details of lyric writing.


Pat Bilbrough, a talented percussionist and teacher of music and has held workshops all over the world.  She has a wonderful array of percussion instruments which she will bring to demonstrate, offering participants the chance to play some of them.  She teaches basic Latin American and African rhythms for the group to try and helps them to produce a simple piece to perform to each other.  Many people have found these workshops totally absorbing, also providing an enjoyable vehicle for self expression, especially for people who have always enjoyed music and rhythm but have never had the chance to play a musical instrument.

Percussion/hand drum workshop

Pat will be taking a "hands-on" workshop in percussion demonstrating Samba rhythms and West African rhythms using the appropriate Latin American and West African percussion instruments and showing how these can be used appropriately in the context of worship.  Participants need to have a strong sense of rhythm and fun! Pat will be bringing a supply of the relevant instruments.  Places will be limited so if any own their own hand drums, conga or djembe please bring them to the session.


She has conducted choirs in the nationwide “Bind us together Tour,” the “Banquet” Celebration at Wembley Arena, at Kingsway’s “Worship Together Conferences,”the “Big Top Spring Harvest Celebrations and the London Global Day of Prayer Choir. She has worked for the BBC as Choir conductor for 4 Songs of Praise programmes,3 of which took place at Spring Harvest. She has been vocal director for the Spring Harvest Kids, the Songs of Fellowship for Kids Albums and the Children's Global Day of Prayer Choir.Her Junior choir has appeared on the Queen’s Christmas speech, sung at the Royal Albert Hall, the O2 and sung on the final track of Delirious’ last album. 

Vocal Workshop   
Easy to learn vocal techniques including exercises in: Breathing Annunciation Pitch Vocal chord general health Warming up the voice. Microphone technique   If there is time she will also teach harmonies to Dave’s and others current worship songs.

Pat has a lovely manner - she obviously enjoys teaching and helping people to get the most out of the experience.  Once  you have attended a workshop, you'll definitely want to go  again!